About the Scranton Martial Arts Center


The Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC) TM has a very long and rich history in Northeast Pennsylvania.  The roots of the Center stem from one of the first Chinese martial arts schools to open in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Academy of Chinese Martial Arts or better known as the Chinese Martial Arts Academy (CMAA) TM.  The CMAA first opened its doors in 1981 and remained centrally located on Adams Avenue in downtown Scranton, PA for over 23 years.  The Academy was known for its top notch instruction, hard training, and for producing highly skilled martial arts practitioners in the styles of Bai Lung Chuan Fa (Pai Lum Tao) and Northern Long Fist Kung Fu.  In 2004, the Academy relocated to North Main Avenue on the West Side of the city, overlooking the downtown.  It was at this time that the Academy's Headmaster and owner retired passing on the traditions of the Academy to one of his disciples and Lead Instructor Sifu PJ Zippittelli, leaving him to carry on the legacy of instruction that the Academy was known for.  

In 2006, under the guidance of Headmaster Sifu PJ Zippittelli, the Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC) was born. The Center carries on the traditions that the CMAA began.  The Scranton Martial Arts Center was one of the only public Chinese martial arts schools in NEPA to openly teach the traditional Chinese martial arts, and was one of the only full time public martial arts schools in operation in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Center offered morning and evening classes, separate classes and curriculums for adults and children, and incorporated into its various martial arts programs many traditional and modern training aspects to expose the students to an extensive and well rounded curriculum.

The Center Now

The Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC) TM decided to close its public business location, located in West Scranton in Spring of 2010 and now lives on by maintaining a private training community with members throughout Northeast Pa. The instructors of the Center believe in focusing on the education of the students not the business & politics of running a full time public martial arts studio.  We continue to carry on one of the area's oldest martial arts traditions by holding several weekly private training sessions, holding annual meetings, and participating in martial arts events across the country. The instructors of the Center offer individuals in our training community private and semi-private training options.