Scranton Martial Arts Center Instructors

In today’s martial arts community it is hard to find good teachers.  What separates a good instructor apart from a poor one is the dedication that the instructor must have.  Dedication not only to practicing the art, but to the time studying it and to the students learning it.  All of the Scranton Martial Arts Centers (SMAC) TM certified instructors spend an endless amount of time examining and studying his or her knowledge so that they truly understand it inside and out. 

The goal of the instructors at the Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC) TM is to do more than just teach the students martial arts techniques, but rather educate the students in the endless diversity of the techniques and movements of the Chinese based arts and styles. 

The instructors of the Center utilize refined teaching skills, along with their vast real world martial arts experience, to instill a sense of martial arts utility into the students so that in a short time they have the ability to adequately apply their learned knowledge to either martial arts competitions or in the event of a dangerous real life situation, should one arise.