Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the difference between Kung Fu and Karate???

Traditional Kung Fu or the Chinese martial arts in general, teach a smaller person to defeat the larger person with little or no effort. The refined movements of kung fu strive for maximum efficiency by utilizing superior body mechanics with optimal body positioning to redirect an opponent’s oncoming force, all while using fast accurate techniques to end a situation at the onset.  Traditional forms of Karate often teach individuals to meet force with force by not properly utilizing the most efficient body mechanics and angles, thus limiting the redirection of an opponent’s energy, ultimately requiring the smaller person to attempt overpowering the larger person.  

2.  What is the difference between "Traditional" martial arts (ie. Kung Fu) and "Mixed Martial Arts" or martial sports (ie. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing etc.)???

This is a multifaceted question, but at its most fundamental explanation a "Traditional Martial Art" is a martial arts style that has been time tested over hundreds or thousands of years and proven to work on and off the battlefield in life or death, real world situations. Its techniques and ideologies are not bound by rules of organized combat.  A "Martial Sport" is a game or type of competition that utilizes watered down, non-lethal aspects of various martial arts and is specifically designed and practiced according to the rules of a "fair fight" or a one-on-one competition (game) and not real life or survival.  

3.  How do I know what style or form of martial arts is best for me???

How one knows what style is best for them is no easy question. One must look inward at oneself and his or her own reasons for seeking martial arts instruction.  If you are interested in purely competition, one should try sport Karate or Performance Wu Shu.  If a person likes martial sport fighting, Kickboxing, MMA, or American Boxing might be a good choice.  If a person is interested in competition and/or martial sport fighting, but has his or her main focus on bettering ones health and self discipline, while learning self defense that will save one’s life in a serious situation, than a traditional martial arts style like the arts instructed at SMAC are for you!