Scranton Martial Arts Center Training Information

Traditional martial arts training is an all encompassing method of time tested training methods.  When choosing a style of martial arts, one should try to find a school that has a curriculum and knowledge that suits one's own physical attributes, interests, and sense of utility but also a school & instructor that is conducive to one’s own learning preferences.  A student must keep in mind that on average no matter what martial arts style one is learning, the first year of basic training is almost universal.  All martial arts systems regardless of origin, first instruct the fundamental movements of the art such as the different blocks, strikes, kicks, footwork, stances and positions. Later in training, it is the understanding, application, emphases and purpose of the fundamentals that becomes extremely important and differs from style to style and school to school. 

The instructors of the Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC) TM truly understand the various stages of martial arts training and student development. The Center offers a well balanced and rounded martial arts curriculum. Each program has a structured path of learning with set requirements for each stage of training, covering the various aspects of the Chinese martial arts. 

Curriculum Information

When the Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC) was open to the general public, it offered separate classes and curriculums for adults and children in the "internal" & "external" martial arts.  Today the instructors of the SMAC family teach a unified and balanced program combining the "internal" & "external" aspects of the Chinese martial arts into a complete training method and only accept students over the age of 14.  (Special exceptions may be made with Headmaster's consent.)  The average class incorporates many traditional and modern martial arts training aspects such as; Qigong or breathing exercises, calisthenics for cardio conditioning, strength building & flexibility exercises for body conditioning, footwork, martial arts techniques and meditation.

Students of the SMAC family will study and practice a system of martial arts comprised of various elements of the traditional Chinese martial art style known as Northern Long Fist Kung Fu.  (Bei Chang Quan Gung Fu)  Northern Long Fist Kung Fu covers all aspects of hand to hand combat such as Chinese boxing, Chinese Chin Na (joint splitting) Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling) as well as traditional Chinese weaponry.

Students will have the opportunity to learn aspects from many different styles of Long Fist Lung Fu including; Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, MiZong Quan (Lost Track Fist), Baji Quan (8 Extremities Fist), Bei TangLang Kung Fu (Northern Mantis), Hua & Cha Quan, Pai Lum  Kung Fu, Yang Tai Chi Quan and many more.

Each progressive level of training covers the study and practice of Fundamental Techniques (basics & combination training), Self Defense Practice and Theory, Chin Na, Shuai Jiao, Kung Fu Formal Routine Practice with applications and development, fundamental Chinese combat theory and application as well as sport martial arts practice.

If you are interested in improving physical fitness, competing in martial arts competitions, learning a time tested method of self defense and personal protection or just have a general interest in the martial arts Chinese kung fu training is for you. 

For more information on traditional kung fu and taiji practice please contact SMAC.