Dedication to the Students of our Linage

The roots of the Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC)TM stem from one of the first Chinese martial arts schools to open in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Academy of Chinese Martial Arts or better known as the Chinese Martial Arts Academy (CMAA) TM.  The CMAA first opened its doors in 1981 and remained centrally located on Adams Avenue in downtown Scranton, PA for over 23 years.  In 2004, the Academy relocated to North Main Avenue on the West Side of the city, overlooking the downtown.  It was at this time that the Academy's Headmaster and owner retired passing on the legacy of traditions and the lineage of the Academy to one of his disciples and Lead Instructor, Sifu PJ Zippittelli.  

The Academy had a long standing tradition of offering quality expert martial arts training, producing exceptionally skilled students and helping better the lives of members of the community. The Academy had a very strong presence in the Scranton area for over 25 years by participating in many local, national and international Kung Fu & Karate competitions, hosting special events, participating in fundraisers and holding membership in various national & international organizations over its long history. 

Training at the Academy was very hard and disciplined. The Academy was known for its top notch instruction,  and for producing highly skilled martial arts practitioners in the styles of Bai Lung Chuan Fa (Pai Lum Tao) and Northern Long Fist Kung Fu.  Of the tens of thousands of students that held membership at the Academy, only few have achieved their 1st Level Black Sash and some have gone on beyond the levels of black to receive an Instructors Certification at that school. 

This is a partial list of past students who have received a black sash or instructors certification awarded from the Chinese Martial Arts Academy in the 25 year history of the institution. This list is not a list of current authorized SMAC/CMAA instructors and serves merely as remembrance to practitioners of past.  Though the Academy's existence has ended and some students and instructors may have moved on to other endeavors, we at SMAC offer this page as a salute to the CMAA and its Black Sashes. 

Sifu Kenneth Brown


Sifu Phil Cummings

Sifu George Trumbo


Sifu Conrad Blasko

Sifu Holly Butrymouicz-Bardzel


Sifu Ronda Klosky-Ferrance

Sifu David Slaughter


Sifu Pete Paone

Sifu Bill McAuliffe


Sifu Bobby Earl

Sifu Jack Lawrence


Sifu Scott Tomkins

Sifu Martin Zelsnack


Sifu John Morrison

Sifu William Bird


Sifu Arnold Chiodo

Sifu Paul Conforti


Sifu Don Strasburger

Sifu Dan Scholonas


Sifu Chris Woytas

Sifu Bobby Herne


Sifu PJ Zippittelli

SiHing Sav Amendola


SiHing Brian Gates

SiHing Pat Granahan


SiHing Pete Gumbolini

Sifu Kyle Hosier