Scranton Martial Arts Center Lead Instructors

Sifu Matthew Wicksnes

wix web.jpg - 44.09 KbLead Instructor - Senior Disciple

Mr. Wicksnes began his training in the martial arts by learning and studying Bai Lung Chuan Fa (Pai Lum) or the White Dragon Fist System, under the direct guidance of Sifu PJ Zippittelli at the Chinese Martial Arts Academy in late 1999.  Matt was known for his hard work and dedication to training, often seeking Sifu PJ out to train on days that the Academy was closed.  After receiving his first level Black Sash in 2004, Mr.Wicksnes decided to begin the difficult task of pursuing his instructor's certification.  After many long days training late into the night, his efforts paid off.

In 2006 Matt was the only student to successfully pass the three day instructors examination with a unanimous decision.   He received his permanent instructor’s certification and the prestigious title of Sifu.  Today, Sifu Wicksnes serves on the teaching staff of the Scranton Martial Arts Center and continues to expand his knowledge studying & training in Northern Long Fist, Pai Lum, Tong Long, and Baji Quan.

Sifu Josh Keiper     Josh web2.jpg - 2.44 Kb

Lead Instructor - Disciple

Mr. Keiper began training at the young age of six at the Chinese Martial Arts Academy in Scranton Pa.  His early practice focused on the styles of Bai Lung Chuan Fa and Long Fist Kung Fu.  In 1993 he parted ways with the Academy for personal reasons and pursued an ultimately disappointing martial arts career at another area school learning the Northern Eagle Claw System.  After years of frustration Josh sought out other means of education and was accepted at the Scranton Martial Arts Center under Sifu PJ.  After arriving at the Center, Mr. Keiper began an in-depth study and refinement of the Chinese arts and successfully passed the three day long instructors examination.  After joining the faculty of the Scranton Martial Arts Center, Sifu Keiper was placed in charge of the weekly morning classes and the Center's physical conditioning classes.  As well as expanding his study of Northern Long Fist, Northern Eagle Claw, Pai Lum and Baji Quan, Sifu Josh is also a certified massage therapist offering discounted appointments to students in need.