Membership With Scranton Martial Arts Center Family

The Chinese martial arts have existed for thousands of years.  Over that time many martial arts methods were transformed into styles and these styles were further refined into systems.  Many martial arts training methods and styles were made into “family systems”.  These fighting methods were passed down from generation to generation from family member to family member.  Families with a good reputation for martial arts would often open their doors to individuals with a strong desire to learn the family fighting method.  Thus the martial arts school was born.  These non-family members would often have to undergo a period in which the student’s devotion would be measured to see how strongly he or she is dedicated to learning.  Only after proving oneself would the new student be accepted into the family to learn the secrets of kung fu. The Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC) believes in carrying on with the family tradition. 

The Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC) TM family is a private learning community.  We here at SMAC only accept those who are truly interested in learning and examining all of the aspects of the Chinese martial arts.  We believe in openly sharing martial arts knowledge while forming lifelong friendships as brothers and sisters in the arts. To become accepted as a student in the Scranton Martial Arts Center family one must be a responsible individual with a positive attitude who is open minded, enjoys learning, and enjoys a good workout.  Everyone interested in joining our family is required to participate in our Introductory Program which serves as our evaluation period for the new student. This program consists of private, 1 on 1, class meetings to allow the teacher time to observe the interested party as a new student. This also allows the student time to see if he or she will enjoy learning in the SMAC family fashion.  There is no set length of time for the evaluation period.  Only after acceptance by the Headmaster will the new student be welcomed as brother or sister. 

Please be advised that the Scranton Martial Arts Center, martial arts family, no longer operates a commercial business location. In 2010 SMAC closed its doors at its former business location in West Scranton to create a private, traditional kung fu training community. We stick to the family aspect of training and now meet at various places across NEPA for group and private training classes and clinics. 

For further information on membership or for answers to any questions please contact us via this website.